Ways To Help

There are many easy ways you can help.

  • Like our page on Facebook, post a comment and reference our website.
  • Tweet your support of our cause and reference our website.
  • Promote our cause on blogs and reference our website.
  • Communicate with our organization on ways you can help.
  • Ask your legislator in your state to introduce a bill asking for an Article V convention on this subject using the example on our website.
  • Keep our organization informed of the introduction of a bill in your state legislature asking for an Article V convention on this subject.
  • Urge the two US senators in your state and your local Congressional House member to support a joint resolution in Congress amending the United States Constitution to provide that any law enacted by Congress must address only a single subject, which shall be clearly expressed in the title.
  • Make us aware of any grant money for this nonpartisan effort to improve the legislative process in Congress.
  • Help to defray the cost of making this cause a reality by contributing to this effort and receiving a gift of appreciation recognizing your contribution and participation in the adoption of the 28th Amendment to the U S Constitution.