Founder’s Message

As great as our U.S. Constitution is in providing us with three branches of government, separation of powers, etc., it needs tweaking. Our great country is deep in debt and Congress is currently without a consensus to fix it.

As a former lobbyist who worked in Tallahassee, Florida and Washington, DC, I know where a simple bipartisan solution will greatly improve the way Congress goes about its business. This matter has been on my mind for many years and I have had discussions over time with members of Congress about this solution but having been a lobbyist I know nothing gets done unless somebody makes it happen. I recently sold my family business and now have the time so I want to help “make it happen”.

The U.S. Constitution needs to be amended to provide that a law cannot be enacted by Congress unless it pertains to only one subject. Forty-one of the fifty states have a single subject provision in their state constitution.

The rest of this website addresses the reasons why this provision works at the state level and will help provide for good government at the federal level. Unrelated provisions called riders added to must pass bills will be constitutionally prohibited and accountability will be better achieved.  Passage of legislation, no part of which could pass on its own merits but for riders, will be prevented.  Improper deal making for the needless benefit of a few at the expense of all the rest will be stopped.

Please review our website and please support our efforts to “make this happen”.

-W. Spider Webb, Jr.

CEO & Founder