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Be a part of this historic effort.

Every state except Hawaii has applied for an Article V Convention for consideration of different and various subjects but never for a single subject rule.

By making a contribution, you will become part of history and we wish to memorialize your donation with a gift that will document your contribution toward and participation in this historic event – the Adoption of the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
In spite of over 500 different requests for an Article V Convention for consideration of different subjects, there has never been a convention convened except for the original Constitutional Convention held in 1787.

We need 34 states to apply for an Article V Convention to be convened for the purpose and only for the purpose of adding a single subject rule to the US Constitution. At the same time we will be asking Congress to pass a joint resolution proposing a single subject-title amendment. The passage of such a joint resolution by Congress, however, is not likely to happen until the number of states asking for an Article V Convention approaches 34.





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