About Single Subject Amendment
W.S. “Spider” Webb
December 22, 1947 – September 7, 2019

We regret to announce the passing of Single Subject CEO and Founder, Wayne Sutton “Spider” Webb, who died Saturday, September 7, 2019 following a protracted battle with cancer. He was 71.

Mr. Webb was making great strides in promoting the Single Subject Amendment project throughout the country when he was diagnosed with cancer several years ago. It was his fervent wish that the effort continue.  

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About The Single Subject Amendment

The U.S. Constitution needs to be amended to provide that a law cannot be enacted by Congress unless it pertains to only one subject. 41 of the 50 states including Florida have a single subject provision in their state constitution. The rest of this website addresses the reasons why this provision works at the state level and will help to provide for good laws and good government at the federal level. Unrelated provisions, known as Riders, which are added to secure passage of legislation no part of which can pass on its own merits, will be eliminated to ensure accountability and transparency.  Logrolling, earmarks and pork barrel spending will be curtailed with a single subject amendment to the U. S. Constitution.

Improper deal making for the needless benefit of a few at the expense of all the rest will be stopped.

What Is a Single Subject Provision?

41 states currently have a single subject provision in their constitution which states that any legislation passed must deal with only one subject or it will be repealed. For example, the Florida Constitution reads:

Art. III, Section 6 – Every law shall embrace but one subject and matter properly connected therewith, and the subject shall be briefly expressed in the title.

Working Together to Break the Gridlock

It is our hope and desire that a single subject amendment might be the means and catalyst by which both political parties in Congress can reach agreement together on a practical solution for breaking the gridlock and unify and rally behind this effort to amend the U S Constitution in order to improve the legislative process. The adoption of a single subject amendment will allow Congress to conduct its business in a more productive, efficient, transparent and less acrimonious way and thereby improve the way Americans view Congress.

Amending the U.S. Constitution

Article Five of the United States Constitution describes the process whereby the Constitution may be amended. Amending the Constitution is a two step process and consists of proposing an amendment and subsequent ratification of the amendment.
Amendments may be proposed by either:

To become part of the U. S. Constitution, a proposed amendment must then be ratified either by approval of:

  • the legislatures of three-fourths of the states; or
  • state ratifying conventions held in three-fourths of the states.

Congress has discretion as to which method of ratification should be used.

Single Subject Amendment PAC is pursuing both methods of amendment proposal.


Our effort is historic because Congress has never proposed an amendment to the U. S. Constitution on this subject. Through the efforts of Single Subject Amendment PAC, on April 23, 2014, Florida became the first state in United States history to pass and send to Congress an application for an Article V Convention to propose a congressional single subject amendment.

Read Our Wikipedia Entry or see List of state applications for an Article V Convention, Convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution and Single Subject Rule.

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